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Byron Bay Wedding…. Magnolia Grandiflora

I am going to tell you an incredible love story about Chanelle and Darcy which began when they were high school sweet hearts and the tragic accident in London many years later that reunited them.

Unable to move in his hospital bed, Chanelle nursed Darcy through an 18 month recovery period during which their love for each other flourished again.Chanelle and Darcy were married on 4th Oct at Deux Belettes in the Byron Bay Hinterland. It was a chic wedding with 35 of their closest family and friends.

On the day of Chanelle and Darcy’s wedding the very first bloom for the year appeared on the massive Magnolia Grandiflora taking  centre stage in the front garden at Deux Belettes…on a low limb so that its intoxicating perfume triumphed the countryside for the entire day … its huge petals glowing like a beacon throughout the moonlit night. Previously unaware of the nature of this tree, Chanelle had  constructed a wedding gown that resembled the flower in every way …the colour… the sensuous flow of the heavy fabric…. and the cape-like top draping off her shoulders was as elegant as the flower’s long white petals.

An exquisite wedding gown designed and made by Chanelle and her grandmother for less than $200.  I remarked to her photographer as he photographed her that the gown looked as though it had been plucked from the tree. Even more astonishing was the fact that she had unknowingly selected the perfume Magnolia Grandiflora by Sandrine ….a million year old fragrance that carries with it a magical blessing .We wish this special couple a lifetime of good health and untold happiness.