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Byron Bay wedding….Paris honeymoon…

As Paris is synonymous with love and romance it is the honeymoon destination of many couples who have chosen Deux Belettes as their wedding venue.
As such we are saddened by the events of Friday 13th in Paris.
We are at the same time very relieved to hear that our last lovely wedding couple are safely back home having flown out of Paris the day before. We hope their memories are not clouded by that event….  that their stay in Provence at the fabulous Crillon Le Brave…and at their lovely romantic little hotel in Paris…after their “French Wedding” at Deux Belettes in the Byron Hinterland…..are long lasting beautiful memories. And Paris, like the ancient French bed that broke on their wedding day, will also be repaired with no visible scars and we hope they will return to both in the future.
Here is what the beautiful bride wrote: “We flew out of Paris the day before the attacks, so we are feeling pretty lucky right now. It was strange to get home and see it on the news when we had just been there. Otherwise the honeymoon was great, we really enjoyed our time in Paris and around France, thanks! “
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